Three board/card games for the RPG soul

Let’s face it, being an adult can take too much time away from gaming. Well, I have some more games for you to squeeze in.

The benefit of these games is that they can play as quickly as 30-60 minutes, or you can set them aside and pick them up later to carry on the fun. This is where having a dedicated gaming table comes in handy!

miceandmysticsMice & Mystics
A cooperative storytelling adventure for 1-4 mice (players)

  • Play time: 1 hour to 1 year; a single chapter takes only an hour or two, but the whole campaign can expand over multiple sessions.
  • Co-op level: Work together to overcome obstacles and defeat the villain. Go team!
  • Feels like: A table top RPG in board game format. Think D&D but with less prep time and more mice.


talismanTalisman: The Magical Quest Game
A classic fantasy adventure board game for 2-6 players

  • Play time: 1 hour to 1 weekend; playing the base game can take only an hour or two, but add on all the expansions and you can be adventuring all weekend. Hope you have a big table!
  • Co-op level: Combat the board and each other; it’s every adventurer for themselves!
  • Feels like: An immersion into the classic fantasy theme. Your very own Tolkien adventure awaits!


netrunnerAndroid: Netrunner The Card Game
A living card game for 2 players set in a dystopian, cyberpunk future

  • Play time: 30-60 minutes. The game itself is relatively quick, but as a living card game, most of the fun is in the deck-building beforehand.
  • Co-op level: Take on one of two roles and face off with your opponent. It’s you vs. me!
  • Feels like: You got sucked into a cyberpunk future where you’ve suddenly become super important. No pressure.


Expand your gaming medium; claim it as a breadth requirement.


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