Why every adult should play Dungeons & Dragons

Every adult has wished at some point that they could be a kid again. Being an adult is hard and full of responsibility. I dare to argue that playing D&D as an adult blends the best of both worlds.

Sure, being a kid was fun. The carefree life; all play and no work. But being an adult is rewarding in its own way – the personal agency, wisdom, intimate connections to people and the world.

Maybe it’s my logically-inclined brain talking, but I have always found creativity difficult. I didn’t read a whole lot as a child, nor did I dream when I slept.

As soon as I started playing D&D the doors to my imagination flew wide open. I started remembering my dreams (often inspiring my next D&D campaign idea), and I started to crave the creative freedom that came with thinking up a new character concept.

Whether you’re a natural at creative thought, or struggle with your imagination, I challenge you to start playing a table top role playing game (TTRPG) like D&D and see if it inspires you. If elves, orcs, and dwarves aren’t your thing, don’t worry; D&D is not the only option. There are countless TTRPG’s out there, with different settings and flavours.

Check out Bryce Duzan’s “10 Tabletop RPGs for Beginners” for ideas of different game systems to try out. The list is divided into light, medium, and heavyweight options to suit any level of proficiency and dedication.

Let your imagination soar; you’ll see a whole new world.


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