Why Bohnanza is the greatest game ever invented


Whether you’re a seasoned board game enthusiast, or the occasional traditional family game dabbler, there is one game you should have on your shelf: Bohnanza.

Endearingly nicknamed “BEANS!” in our house, Bohnanza is a card-based game about trading, planting, and harvesting beans. It’s the perfect game, and here’s why:

  • No player elimination. Everyone gets to play the whole game (up to 7 players!)
  • Everyone can do things on all turns. No waiting around while other players take their turn.
  • Highly interactive. Talking is not only encourage, it’s essential. You need to negotiate those trades!
  • Easy to learn; difficult to master. The ultimate characteristic to satisfy the instant gratification monkeys and the long term strategists.
  • High re-playability. No two games are the same. Will you try for the cocoa beans next time?
  • Fun theme. Who doesn’t love beans? Plus, hilarious artwork makes my heart smile.
  • The box is small, and since it’s only cards, you can even ditch that. Bring it anywhere!

I bring Bohnanza to parties, give it as a gift, and treasure it as the game that made me fall in love with international board games.

Spread the beans! Your friends will thank you for it.


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