How it’s different meeting someone through dance

What do you notice first about a new person? Their appearance? The way they walk? The way they laugh? When my first interaction with someone is through a dance, one of the first things I notice is their smell.

Don’t be put off; it’s rarely a bad smell.

Everyone has a smell. Some people douse themselves in odours from a counter, others are ripe with their own natural concoction, and others have such a faint smell that it can only be detected by getting up close and personal.

Has a smell ever hit your nostrils and triggered a memory or an emotion? If it hasn’t, science can show you it’s a thing. Learn how smell triggers memories and emotions.

From what I’ve experienced on the dance floor, meeting someone first through their smell is a powerful way to register them in my memory and elicit an emotional response. Of course, our dance connection also makes a strong (or not-so-strong) statement. I’ve had dances where we’ve connected so strongly with the music and with our bodies, but their smell didn’t invite me in. In contrast, I’ve embraced someone on the dance floor who smells incredible, but our musicality didn’t match up in the slightest. Either way, smell played a part.

We often rely on visual cues to remember people, which is why we probably often forget them. Even if you’re not a dancer, smell the next person you meet; you’ll remember them better.


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